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Build your workout

Create your own workout or choose one from the extensive workout library.

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Workout Guidance

Receive smart guidance to your Apple Watch; including upcoming segments and intra-workout analytics. Keeping you on track for your targets.

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Workout Analysis

Essential insights from your session; including detailed splits, heart rate data, best efforts and additional Race Day features.


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Completed Workouts


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Weekly Summary

See a quick oversight of your weekly activity.

Best Efforts

All your PBs stored in one convenient place.

Completed Workouts

See how you’ve done and repeat a previous workout to see your progress.

Share To Social

Seamlessly share your completed workout to your favourite social platform.

Save Workouts

Save workouts to find them easily.

Sync To Watch

Sync workouts to your Apple Watch to use them offline.

Exercise Splits

See your exercise splits for the whole workout, or filter by repeating exercises to analyse further.

Best Efforts

Review your best efforts for certain exercises and see how you improve over time with trends

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Analyse your performance

Check your weekly progress, best efforts, trends and much more

Full post-workout analysis!
Weekly summaries!
Best Efforts!
Exercise trends & splits!

Workout Builder


Create multi-modal workouts with blocks for AMRAP, EMOM, INTERVAL.

For Time

Complete a workout block for time and record your own splits by tapping next.

Open Gym

Record an Open Gym block and mix with another block within the same workout.

Duplicate / Reorder

Duplicate blocks and exercises and then reorder them to save you time.


Build your block by adding exercises from our search box.


Choose the desired exercise target (time , calories, reps or distance).


Decide if you would like transitions between exercises.


Add the required rest for the workout exercises, rounds or blocks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more info? Here are some things we're commonly asked

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